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Seed Germination Paper

Seed Germination Paper

Approx. Rs 350 / Pack

Seed Germination paper is a speciality paper used as a substratum in the seed germination test. This paper should be free of toxicity, evenly finished and should be free from bacteria and fungi.

Germination count is the main quality parameter for any type of seed to test the viability, vigor and its physical appearance. Seed germination paper ensures optimal moisture content for the most diverse types of seeds and germination forms. This paper features excellent wet strength and its special structure prevents the seed roots from growing through.

SS Filters seed germination paper is known for its Quality and Reliability. Besides, the properties mentioned above, it also has high absorbent capacity and comes in standard specification of 5-7 pH range with good bursting strength.

This paper can be supplied in different formats and in customized shapes and sizes for testing seeds according to guidelines given by International Seed Test Association (ISTA)

Benefits :

Applications :

Microglass Fiber Filter Paper

Microglass Fiber Filter Paper

Approx. Rs 1,500 / Pack

Microglass fiber filter is manufactured from 100% borosilicate glass & are often used as a prefilter. They are prepared from a depth type media (borosilicate glass) a random matrix of material which may or may not contain a binder .These filters trap particles within the matrix & therefore have a high loading capacity. But because of this design, they do not have a clearly defined pore size, only nominal rating between 1-2 micron. Besides prefiltration, they are also routinely used for water & air pollution analysis, liquid clarification & harvesting.

Microglass Fiber Filter Paper/Depth Filter Media/Prefilter-

47 mm, 1 micron - Rs 1500/- one pack of 100 nos .

Features :
ProductBasic wt Gms/sqm (gsm)Thickness mmParticle Ret. MicronPressure drops@32 lpm/100sq.cmSizes in mm
GF1530.301.64047/90/142/293 Or as per request
GF2750.441.240Same as above
GF3540.31.240Same as above

CN Membrane Filter Paper

CN Membrane Filter Paper

Cellulose nitrate membrane filters are absolute filters for aqueous solutions and other compatible fluids. They are non media migrating & autoclavable. Also, they are naturally hydrophilic and biologically inert.

Five grades of pore sizes are available viz 0.22, 0.45 & 0.8, 1.2 & 5 microns. They are available in various diameters.

Features & Benefits :

Product Specifications :
SterilisationAutoclavable at 121°C in dry condition.
DiametersAre available in diameters of 13, 25, 47, 90, 142 & 293 mm
Max. oper. temperature80°C continuous
Max. oper. pressure3 Kg/ cm2
BiosafetyPasses the biological tests for class VI plastics as described in USP
Oxidizable matterPasses as per USP

Integrity Test Data :
TypePore SizeWetting fluidBubble PointWater Flow (ml/ min/ cm)
PsiKg/ Cm2

Applications :


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