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SSF oil filtration system for the Steel industry

In steel industry large quantities of cooling water for different manufacturing processes (e.g. continuous casting units, rolling mills) are required. Depending on the degree of water pollution, Heat exchangers or spray nozzles often get clogged.
Get the best possible protection of your equipment by using the different water filter systems of SS Filters Pvt Ltd.

You can avoid production losses & reduce the maintenance costs significantly.

Oil Filtration is also one of the key requirements of the Steel industry.
The production of steel generates many particles which end up in oil causing damage to both the oil & the machinery.
Steel mills often use high viscosity oils, where it can be hard to separate water from oil.
SSF Flowfilt High Viscosity Oil Lubricating / Water Eliminating System helps in cleaning oil.

- Minimize level of water in oil (200 ppm or less)
- Easy operation, maintenance & management
- Longer element replacement cycle
- Automatic operation & remote monitoring

When you install SSF Oil Filtration System in your Steel Plant, you get a very effective oil filter with the highest dirt holding capacity suitable for your system with high levels of particles or oxidation residues. # #industrial #manufacturing #filtration #filtrationsystems #innovation
SSF oil filtration system for the Steel industry

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